Attending the Mass of Thanksgiving

The Mass of Thanksgiving in honor of Venerable Fulton is free and open to the public.  General seating at the Cathedral is on a “first come” basis.  The Cathedral will open at 8:30am.  Special reserved seating is available for those participating in the programs described below.

A Note for Clergy Attending the Mass of Thanksgiving: Bishop Jenky welcomes priests and deacons to join him at the Peoria Cathedral on September 9.  Priests are invited to concelebrate.  Please bring an alb and green or white stole.  As is the custom in the Diocese of Peoria, deacons are invited to vest in alb and green or white stole and to participate at Mass.  When arriving at the Cathedral, ushers will give direction to the vesting areas. 

All visiting priests and deacons who plan to participate need to request letters of suitability from their bishop to the Office of the Vicar General of the Diocese of Peoria: 419 NE Madison Ave, Peoria, IL  61603.  

For more information about the Mass or the other events to Celebrate Sheen, please call or email the Foundation offices in Peoria, IL.  email: